between feathers

changing lights

Concert | Graz

Twilight, high noon, dusk and dawns. Though we are mortal, we are Creation’s crown.”

“We are but little lower than the angels.”

© Rabbi Jules Harlow ¦ “Siddur Sim Shalom”

The musician‘s explorative journey for formal and tonal finesses of music mixes with an exciting play of colours and light in an appropriately adapted venue.

The poetic power of light will melt with the intimate and subtle sounds of a female voice, flutes, accordion and percussions in an atmospheric symbiosis


Flora Marlene Geißelbrecht | G-la..S`b:la‘‘s..e_n

2021 | commissioned by between feathers ensemble | supported by SKE Fonds

Honigweiche Tropfen, konstantes Pirouettieren, flimmernde Hitze, scharfe Kanten, gläserne Stimme… schmilzt, schwebt, splittert.

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Tamara Friebel | Ein Licht / one light

2021 | commissioned by between feathers ensemble | supported by SKE Fonds

". . . beyond the real experience is not the mind,
but the self, the light in which everything appears, . . .
the awareness in which everything happens”

- Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Klaus Lang | Cantica christine - confluence

2021 | written for between feathers ensemble
für Piccolo, Sopran, Percussion & Akkordeon


Murat Çolak | NEFES. PAS.ÇIRA.ISI.

2015 | for Flute and Percussion

Kaija Saariaho | Changing Lights

2002 | for soprano and flute

Kaija Saariaho's composition Changing Light is the source of inspiration for the whole concert.

"In the composition I follow the idea of a dialogue, suggested by the text I have chosen (by Rabbi Jules Harlow"). The intimate nature and fragile sound world of the duo mirror the fragility of our uncertain existence.

© Kaija Saariaho, composer's note

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