between feathers

“Hope is the thing with feathers”

Emily Dickinson


feathers - group

Atelier für Familien

Zusätzlich zum Konzert wird es auch zwei Veranstaltungen für ein jüngeres Publikum geben. Dort werden Maria (Akkordeon), Audrey (Flöte) und Yulan Yu (Komponistin) die Musik des Konzerts mit interaktiven Übungen erforschen.


Die Veranstaltung ist eine wunderbare Möglichkeit für Musikinteressierte, sich mit einer Komponistin zu unterhalten, eine Bassflöte zu erleben und den Klangreichtum eines Akkordeons zu erkunden!


Yulan Yu | Love Songs

2021 | commissioned by between feathers ensemble | supported by SKE Fonds

for flutes & accordion


The concept of love has been explored since ancient times. The ancient Greeks described love
using different words: ἀγάπη agápē, “compassionate, unconditional love”; ἔρως érōs, “intimate,
passionate love”; φιλία philía, “brotherly love”; στοργή storgē, “family love”; φιλαυτία, philautía,
“self-love”... and more. Among the 305 poems dating from 11th to 7th centuries BC, which are
collected in the oldest existing collection of Chinese poetry, <詩經>, many of them speak of love
and courtship, express the longing for an absent lover, a dear comrade, or a long-lost friend.
And love songs have been a deep part of our musical traditions until today, according to the
Economist, 40% of Western pop song lyrics are specifically about “romantic love, sexual
I see that as human beings, we have the ancient, ongoing, everlasting, timeless yearning for
love. Therefore as a composer, I am feeling intrigued to express and explore this using the
language of contemporary music.

Eleftherios Veniadis | Espera

2018 | bassflute / flute & acoordion

Toshio Hosokawa | Bird Fragments III

1990 | bassflute / piccolo & accordion

Sofia Martinez | Lluvia

1998 | for accordion solo

Kaija Saariaho | Le laconisme de l'aile

1982 | solo flute